I am trying to use LDAP to modify a specific user's password in
e-directory and also resetting the passwordExpirationTime to its
original expiration length. I can change the password without a problem
but every time I attempt to modify the passwordExpirationTime attribute
it sets it to 0.

We are using E-Directory 8.8 SP5 and also have Universal Password
enabled. I believe this might be where the problem lays but I'm new to
the Novell and E-Directories infrastructures.

Before posting this thread I searched the forum and I found a few
things. One thing I did try was setting the time format in seconds
before 1970 instead of the YYMMddHHmmssZ format. When I did this I
received a LDAP "Constraint Violation" error. Any ideas? Thanks in

Tim Burrows
Application Developer
M.S. Kennedy Corporation

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