I'm trying to find where the GUID item is stored within Zenworks so I
can pragmatically look it up. Please help, as I'm not very well versed
in Novell's inner workings.

It is the 65 character GUID (32 alphanumeric with tilde then another 32
alphanumeric), that is listed when browsing the user Zenworks object
page (between the Phone Number and Description fields). For example,
/Users/Tree/UserContainer/tadm. The Zenworks web site I'm looking at is
the one that lists Home, Devices, Users, Policies, Bundles, Patch
Management, Deployment etc.

I've successfully found the table/field required for workstation lookup
(NC_Workstation/MachineName) that is within the Zenworks SQL database.

I have two Novell admins here with me who haven't had the time to look
into it for me and I'm impatient.

Advanced apologies if I'm in the wrong forum, as I can not seem to find
any for Zenworks dev. Any assistance appreciated.


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