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point it out if there is a better on for this question.

We have developed an enterprise application that relies on Active
Directory for authentication and group membership. It is a .Net WinForms
app that communicates with a .Net Web Service. Our AD credentials for
individual identity are used by SQL Server and SQL Reporting Services.
We are attempting to assess whether or not it is feasible for us to be
able to run in a Novell eDirectory environment instead of a Microsoft
Active Directory environment. We have a prospect that would like to
purchase our software on the condition that they dont have to install
AD and they can keep using their eDirectory infrastructure that they
have invested so much into.

Our application uses integrated security between Client app and the web
service and between the client and SQL Reporting Services. Kerberos
Delegation is used to delegate credentials over the double hop from our
web server to SQL Server.
Are there any major deal killers here? Should this just work as is, or
do we have some major work ahead to make our application tiers play well
with eDirectory?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,


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