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Question iReport Development No.1 - Report Build error by Eclipse

When we build using build-release, a build error is being thrown.
Concerning this error, we think that "external.odt" file does not
exist when it is converting from OpenOffice format to PDF format.
As in addition, we set path for OpenOffice and developed macro
converting to PDF file along SDK document.
Please see follow URL: 'Reports - Developer Community'

Error screen shot: Please see the attached files.

Double click build-release, report build error is occurred.

"BUILD FAILED" is appearing after close Run time error dialog box.

Please let me know workaround or how to solve this issue.

[DGC - the two screenshots showed:
a) the OpenOffice macro debugger open and with an error popup (in
Japanese); the cursor was pointing to the line: oIndexes =
b) The resulting Ant build error, which states that it can't find the
'external.pdf' file to copy

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