Hi all,

My customer wants to replace Webtrend. So customers are given me a set
apache log files. They said based on those logs Webtrend could already
some useful web based report for their business units. From what I have
what makes them useful are:

1) Those IP addresses could be resolved to domain, identifying the
source of
the browsers
2) URL are analyzed such that they could give a 'hit rate' based web
report for
trend analysis.
3) What browsers are used to view their web sites so they know the

If I customize our report now, would it be possible to generate similar
reports for the above items?

1) I wonder if it is possible during the report generate, would some
other add-on java plug-in could work for the DNS resolution before data

2) Any one know the logic of the webtrend about how it correlates
various URL visited in the apache logs are considered different 'hit'?

3) I believe we could base on filter to identify different version of
the browsers used?

I don't have a webtrend so I could not compare and look at how they
generate reports from the apache log I have. Please let me know if
anyone has any idea about it.


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