Novice, with still much to read, but; I was on a path of setting up SDK
(for Sentinel Classic, btw most help and posts are about RD or SLM) and
then discovered the Collector Builder in regard to modifying the Novell
Identity Manager collector parsing script.

So there seems to be at least 2 ways to modify a parsing script, and
that's where the Collector Builder seems simpler. But, difficulty here,
instructions state start out with templates, but the interface only lets
me create new? I have done a Debug, LiveMode, download of the stopped
versions Novell_Identity-Manager_6.1r5 & ...r6 (a beta version we have).
Within the collector_workspace directory I can see the content, but the
UI for Collector Builder is not picking up any templates or importing
any of the collector files, for the purpose of script examples in this

So maybe bottom line is: I would like to view the differences in the
versions, which seem to be around the file "event.js" and others. This
version difference parses the message field and extracts from a User
Application Workflow event the Process ID and places that value into
EventGroupID. Which is the unique key value of each UA Workflow start
to finish. With this parse in place, then development of a Crystal
Report is possible around the UA workflows, how many did each
department do? etc. and other metrics around the UA workflows. However,
I now need to parse additional data from this "big gob" of the Message
field. Dont know java-script yet, so need these samples, and how to see
them in Collector Builder.

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