I have my Sentinel Report development environment functional. I'm
having trouble writing a Lucene query that does what I require. I'll
describe my entire problem and if necessary you can critique my approach
as well.

A customer requires that they be able to search workflow information by
some criteria which is not stored by default in the information that is
transferred by Audit to Sentinel Log Manager - for instance, the first
and last name of the User who was acted on in the workflow. I am
proof-of-concepting the idea that if the information is stored in a
message during a stage of the workflow, I can search the message for the
information. For instance, the following is shown in the message
details by Sentinel:

Name: Test User"}

I am having trouble adding specific information to the WHERE clause of
the Lucene query to filter by this substring.

msg: User and msg:Name

works, but also returns some other entries I don't want, while

msg:"User Name"

don't work. Some help with the syntax would be much appreciated.

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