Hello everyone,

I have recently encountered a problem where a database collector I made
just stops querying after a while and needs restarting in the ESM for it
to work again. In other databases (I am querying Oracle btw), this does
not happen and in some others it does. So I am basically thinking that
some databases are configured to limit the amount of querying or force
an exit on error.

What I have noticed, is that in my Oracle environment (no fancy
configurations, all very permissive) I get alot of ORA-0100 errors
indicating that there are too many open cursors. This happens when the
last row in the database has been reached and the errors stop being
shown in Active Views only after some data is inserted in database and
collector resumes normally the task of collecting data until no more
records are available and once more errors appear in Active Views.

I altered the amount of allowed open cursors and incremented from 300
to 500. Still, I keep getting errors (like every 20 seconds). I want to
minimize these amount of errors and hopefully solve my original problem
of having to manually restart the collector in some customer
environments. I came up with the following snippet (bottom of message),
but can't seem to find a function for having the collector sleep or
wait. I tried Thread.sleep() (From Java) and setTimeout() (From
Javascript) but both raise errors since they are undefined methods for
the collector.

The Sentinel API makes reference to "queryDelay" and "queryScheduled"
flags which are supposedly defined in sqlquery.js. I cannot find any
reference in the code to these flags and I am not even sure of how to
implement them ( if(!queryDelay) { conn.send(DBQUERY) } ?????? ).

How can I use these flags in the code to help me reduce the number of
queries being thrown when there is no data? Or will I have to hack my
own sleep or wait function? I appreciate any assistance!

snippet of code I want to implement:

Connector.prototype.sendQuery = function(){
if (instance.CONFIG.myCounter >= 3) {
instance.CONFIG.myCounter = 0;
} else {
//instanced in initialization function. Resets to zero when query is successful.
instance.CONFIG.myCounter = instance.CONFIG.myCounter + 1;
return true

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