There may a bug in the 6.1R5 SDK in sessions.js. I am working on a
collector for an input that gives me a session id and max records. So
instead of using the clocks as the primary trigger I was using total
record counts based on expected number of records plus 1 for sessRecs[0]
with a wall clock backup for dropped packets. (Yay cisco for making a
device that only does udp syslog?!?!)

When debugging I noticed that MaxRecs was getting set to 21 when I only
had my counter set to 2 and the session function adds 1 for the 0
record. It looks like it is concatenating the numbers and not adding

//orig this.MaxRecs = (maxRecs) ? (maxRecs+1) : (1000000);
var number1 = "1";
this.MaxRecs = (maxRecs) ? (Number(maxRecs)+Number(number1)) : (1000000);

Am I reading this wrong?

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