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First, thanks for posting back your responses so quickly and completely.
A few other pieces of information may help you depending on if you
already have them or not.

First, Bug# 768156 exists as an enhancement request for this issue.
Feel free to see if I captured the business case fully and update it

Second, the ability to manipulate files that are being read differing
across platforms is a common pain; in windows, for example, you cannot
even open the Sentinel log files with wordpad without first copying them
to an unused file which is a pain for troubleshooting. On Linux you can
definitely get into the file, but as you noticed the file write takes
place to something at a lower level than the file name (the inode, or
equivalent, I believe) so when you move the file the inode remains the
same and the file write continues to the old file until something
signals the process to refresh itself. The logrotate option that David
mentioned usually works really well for these types of situations and
I've used it in the past successfully.

My personal opinion is that this is the best route to take (vs. calling
a command with every action) as long as you are not stuck on windows
where logrotate does not exist. The reason for my opinion is based on a
preference for simplicity (few things are as simple as writing to a
file), as well as what I believe will be decreased overhead (calling a
process a dozen times per second will cause significantly more work than
writing twelve lines to an already-open file). Also since logrotate is
pretty simple and has worked for me in the past, I feel comfortable with
that solution, which may differ from one person to another the first
time around.

Good luck.
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