I try to develop my own collector, but when I import and deploy it for
the first time, I have this error on the syslog server :


SYSLOG connection mode 'map' defined multiple times in collector Custom. Discarding mode with 'no Applications, UniqueMatchingRule, or UniversalSyslogCollector' property. Keeping mode with 'no Applications, UniqueMatchingRule, or UniversalSyslogCollector(default)'. Duplicate universal SYSLOG collectors found. Cannot have multiple. Used first collector plugin found: Plugin Generic_Event-Collector_6.1r3, Mode 'map'. Ignored universal collector Custom mode 'map'.


I tried all connection mode (Syslog:Map Output, Custom, ...) and with
the template of a new collector.
In all case if get this error.

Some one can explqin to me where is my mistake ?

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