Hi all,
I want collect linux logs via syslog, I install syslog collector, syslog
connecor and syslog event source server on collector manager, But syslog
event source server report error message as following:
Duplicate universal SYSLOG collectors found. Cannot have multiple. Used
first collector plugin found: Plugin Generic_Event-Collector_6.1r3, Mode
'map'. Ignored universal collector Microsoft_Microsoft-DHCP-6.0 mode
'map'. SYSLOG connection mode 'map' defined multiple times in collector
Microsoft_Microsoft-DHCP-6.0. Discarding mode with 'no Applications,
UniqueMatchingRule, or UniversalSyslogCollector' property. Keeping mode
with 'no Applications, UniqueMatchingRule, or

How can i troubleshooting and resolve it? Thank you very much!

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