Hi there,

SDK newbe! I'm successfully parsing an GroupWise WebAccess event log.
At the beginning of each days log is a line with the server name and IP
address. Subsequent events only have the date/time and event message.
How can I capture the name and IP of the sever and then use it for
SourceIP and SourceHostName for all the other subsequent events?

if (this.s_RXBufferString.search(/^.*?IP Address: (\w+) \((.+)\)/) !=
-1) {
/^.*?IP Address: (\w+) \((.+)\)/.exec(this.s_RXBufferString);
var InitSrvr = RegExp.$1;
var InitSrvrIP = RegExp.$2;
this.evt = "Test_IP_Variable";
this.bm = this.s_RXBufferString;
this.sip = InitSrvrIP; //This does work
this.shn = InitSrvr; //This does work
this.sun = ("KirkWasHere " + InitSrvr);
instance.SEND_EVENT = true;
return true;

// give the following a try. $1-$3 are mm-dd-yy, $4-$6 are hh-mm-ss,
else if (this.s_RXBufferString.search(/(\d{2})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})
(\d{2})\d{2})\d{2}) (Login failed): (\S+)/) != -1) {
/(\d{2})-(\d{2})-(\d{2}) (\d{2})\d{2})\d{2}) (Login failed):
this.evt = RegExp.$7;
this.sun = RegExp.$8;
this.sip = InitSrvrIP; //This does not work?
this.shn = InitSrvr; //This does not work?
this.bm = this.s_RXBufferString;
this.sev = "3";
instance.SEND_EVENT = true;
return true;

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