i'm developing using Eclipse SDK 3.7.1 (downloaded from official site)
and i'm using Plugin-SDK_2011.1r1.zip.

I'm started to developing collectors and first thing I want to use is
Debug Live Mode in Event Source Manager on Log Manager 1.2.1 on
Collector managers called: Log manager or others). When i upload newly
created collector by option development build and try to debug it in
Live Mode there is an error when i click Play button:

SyntaxError: Invalid quanitifier ?

I assume that it's error in my collector but that collector is totally
fresh from template.

So i do additional tests and try to debug collector developed by
Sentinel like: Novell eDirectory 6.1r9 and error is the same. Most
Novell developed collectors also doesn't work. But for example Blue Coat
ProxySG Appliances 6.1r1 debugging is working.

My final collector should work on Sentinel 6 and 7.

How can I debug any collector without errors? What is the source of

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