Hi Guys,

One of my customers is interested in changing the appearance of the
Sentinel 7 UI for each of their environments, simple little change of
some of the images to indicate which environment they are in etc. So I
was having a look and couldn't find much information on where to make
the required changes. I had a look about on one of my test servers and
from what I can see and after a play about, I can happily change images
etc for my purposes and these settings are in two of the CSS files:


Also there are some WAR files within that */webapp* location, I assume
also updating the sentinel.war file is required so I have done this, as
I would guess it is used to construct the sentinel.tmp app. This works
fine in my test environment and I get the result I was looking for.

My questions really are:

- Is this the correct way of customizing the UI for clients needs?
- Is there any support issues around doing this? Or is it the same
sort of support as you would have with any custom components?
- Any other places that need to be updated?
- Why does the web app for Sentinel get deployed as:
/var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/jetty/webapps/*sentinel.tmp*, I
assume this is as jetty will periodically blow this directory away and
reconstruct it from the war file, when does it do this? Is it a manual
process, or is there a set of circumstances that cause Jetty to
reconstruct from the war?

Just looking to hear what you guys might have tried around this, and
your thoughts on the above.



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