Hi Guys,

Bit of an odd question, I know, and I think I know what the answer is
going to be (recreate the collector in the sdk), however on the off
chance I am missing something obvious I thought I would ask you clever
people on here


I have a collector which I developed a long time past, and no longer
have the project or src for the collector. It was a bit of a dev
collector with the aim of going back to. Anyway, recently I have come
back to doing some work on it and noticed I had never gotten around to
adding in the taxonomy for the observer device. I know this is usually
done when you start the project etc in the SDK or later by editing the
*plugin.properties* file pcat entry. However, on a built collector,
where you no longer have the source (my fault after a rebuild of my
machine), the plugin.properties file doesn't ship in the clz zip. Is
there a way to add this tax to my collector?

I suppose worst case I need to create a new project and then rebuild the
collector, but like I say I wanted to see if there was an alternative to
doing this.

Thanks in Advance

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