Hi all,

I need some help to remember how to customize reports.

I spent a few weeks customizing a report last year, but didn't document
anything and now I have forgot everything!!

I still have iReport and the SDK installed.

What I want to do is customize a report I made last year so that the
user can input a parameter that will be used in the query to only select
certain information.

We are using Sentinel Log Manager 1.2

I have gone through
http://www.novell.com/developer/deve..._sentinel.html and I do not
see any information about how to do what I want to do... But I remember
that there was a resource that I used to get where I am currently.

Do I just edit the "package.xml" file and set that field for prompting?
But how would that value then be used in the query?

<Description>Select the event field to display.</Description>
<DisplayName>Workflow Status</DisplayName>

This is my report query:

dt AS event_parse_time,
cv40 AS workflowid,
cv28 AS requestee_bu,
cv29 AS requestee_comp,
cv30 AS requestee_cc,
$P{PrimaryEventField_validated} AS primary_event_field,
$P{EventField1_validated} AS event_field1,
$P{EventField2_validated} AS event_field2,
$P{EventField3_validated} AS event_field3,
$P{EventField4_validated} AS event_field4,
$P{EventField5_validated} AS event_field5,
$P{EventField6_validated} AS event_field6,
$P{EventField7_validated} AS event_field7,
$P{EventField8_validated} AS event_field8,
$P{EventField9_validated} AS event_field9,
$P{EventField10_validated} AS event_field10,
$P{EventField11_validated} AS event_field11,
xdasoutcome AS xdasoutcome
sev:[$P{MinSevStr} TO $P{MaxSevStr}] $P{VendorProduct_Query} $P{SEARCH_QUERY_USE}
OVER $P{FromDtQry}, $P{ToDtQry}

Where the "$P{SEARCH_QUERY_USE}" is defined in the "package.xml" as:

<DefaultValue>((workflow) AND (evt:&quot;User Message \: log_workflow_complete&quot) NOT st:&quot;I&quot; NOT st:&quot;A&quot; NOT st:&quot;P&quot;</DefaultValue>

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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