GW 2014 SP HP1


every few days I have to restart DVA, because it shows no more "Conversion
Successes" only "Conversion failures":

GroupWise 2014 SP1 Document Viewer Agent
Status | Configuration | Environment | Log Files | Quarantine Files | Help
Up Time: 5 Days 17 Hours 55 Minutes
Total Busy Peak
Worker Processes 15 2 15
Server Information
Platform Name Linux Release 3.0.101-0.47.52-default

High Availability Port 8400
Request Statistics
File Conversion Requests 30248
Conversion Success 19498
Conversion Failure 10733
Worker Abends 1
Exceeded Time Limit 159

WebAccess shows "[38445] A failure occurred in the document conversion
process. The document cannot be viewed at this time. " when trying to view
an attachment.

Another symptom is: DVA Web Console, Log Files shows an empty list of log

After restart of DVA it again works for some days.

Any ideas?