Hi Guys,

Environment is Groupwise 2012 on OES Linux.

Background is that this site uses a single GWIA to handle normal outbound and inbound Groupwise traffic as well as utilising the SMTP gateway for automated sending of emails for their internally housed business systems to external customers. SMTP relaying has been set up to allow all from the production environment whereas the dev and test environments are restricted to only being allowed to deliver internally (ie their IP addresses are not in the list of allowed exceptions). Late last week we had a situation where the Dev environment delivered an email to an external address when it shouldn't have. No changes had been made to the SMTP relay settings. Further investigation revealed that the address was in an external domain as an external entity.

As we're being asked to further investigate I'm hoping that someone can clarify whether an external entity email address is immune from the SMTP relay settings and confirm whether it's working as designed.

Worst case, we'll need to reevaluate the use of external entities.

Thanks all.