I am hoping someone can help with what seems to be a very simple task that we are failing miserably at.

1. Server: ZCM 11.3.2 Linux Server, Single Server, Single Zone

2. Client: Windows 7 SP 1 Professional (named, "v1") / 12GB Ram / No additional patches, clean other than Novell Client, Novell ZCM Agent Workstation is properly registered within ZCM Workstation device group.

3. Patches Enabled / Successfully Downloaded:
MS 2729094, 2731771, 2670838, 2786081, 2834140 and MS 2841134 Internet Explorer 11.0 (All Languages)

History & Current Problem:
We were having numerous issues with zcm / patch management / bundle deployment under 11.3.1 and the issues were supposedly fixed under 11.3.2. So we setup a single, clean ZCM linux server and a single clean Windows 7 workstation (as described above). For testing: We registered ZCM, successfully downloaded patches and built a single bundle of IE 11 and ("IE 11 with Prerequisites") and the few prerequisite patches for Windows 7 set to install in the required order. The bundle deployment to workstation (v1) fails if no one is logged in or if the local administrator is logged in. Error is below.

Device Alias: v1
Device IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Error: [5/1/15 9:36:07 AM] BundleManager ActionMan. CouldNotLocateServer Could not download content for bundle, IE 11 with Prerequisites, because the ZENworks Server is not accessible.

The local client zmd-messages.log says essentially the same thing, yet the workstation is registered with no errors and the user is authenticated with no errors.

Where do I go from here?