Customer running 11.3.1.
Inventory seems to work at first look. New installed machines gets inventoried, and we find correct info.
Inventory is running daily, and looking at both agent side and server side it states that the invemtory is running, and gets uploaded.
Looking in ZCC the entry for last scan gets updated and looking in \Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\collection\inventory the machines GUID keeps rolling down in \Success.
But the inventory, when looking in ZCC is not correct... Newly installed applications is not there, and uninstalled applications still hangs in there. When looking at a device, and in Agent/Propertys/Inventory/Details "View Inventory details" it looks correct, but not on the server.

When looking in \Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\collection\inventory\Su ccess I can see that the size of the first file is about 300-400 kb, but all the ones after that is about 20-30 kb. Keeps on so, always.
Wont gets updated in server. Is it just some update running in there?
I found out that if running "zac inv -f scannow" it seems to make a full scan and after that everything is correct at the serverside. And that XML is also 300-400 kb.

But why is it like that? There must be full scans every now and then to reflect the correct info out there.
And the agent seems to inventory correct, looking at the client side, but it wont go into the server, even if the workflow seems to work.

I can out course do a bundle, running "zac inv -f scannow" and schedule it to run every day, but it seems to be the wrong way...

What am I missing here?