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Thread: Install Bundle Disabled Still Cache?

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    Install Bundle Disabled Still Cache?

    If I have a bundle that contains several Install Actions of Install Bundle, and I disable one of the Install Action Install Bundle's, does it still cache that disabled bundle?

    For instance, suppose I have a bundle called BaseApps. In the BaseApps bundle, I have set in the Install Actions, Install Quicktime Bundle, Install SilverLight Bundle, and Install Office 2010 bundle. Now, if I update the BaseApps bundle and add a new Install Action of Install Office 2013 Bundle, and simply disable the Install Office 2010 bundle, and publish the change, does the BaseApps bundle still cache the Install Office 2010 bundle?

    ----Install QuickTime Bundle Enabled
    ----Install SilverLight Bundle Endabled
    ----Install Office 2010 Bundle Disabled
    ----Install Office 2013 Bundle Enabled
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