just scripting an upgrade from securelogin 8.0.1 to 8.0.3 and wanting to
give somebody else who might want to make such a kind of
silent/unattended an idea for a specific problem.

8.0.3 can get installed 'on top' of 8.0.1 (HF1), uninstall is done by
the installer itself.
unfortunately development forgot two 'debug' popups in the version which
went into production (on citrix only). so this is can not be done
silently anymore, uninstall is started, but then the system is waiting
for somebody to click OK on those two (showing a list of currently
running processes - supposedly to give a before/after snapshot for some
part of that process.

anyway, below is an illustration how to get such a thing to (again) not
require human intervention to upgrade from 8.0.1 (HF1)

this is not working code, just to give you an option to handle that ...

If ($ServerType -eq 'Citrix')
# get rid of popup(s) on citrix-servers when uninstalling
# ------------

# start install with timeout to get pshell to handle popups,
this starts uninstall and continues the script after 120secs.
# function from an internal module: Start-arzProcess
-FileFullName $tmpssoInstallFile -Arguments $args -WaitForExit 120 |

# Load the .NET Framework class Microsoft.VisualBasic

| Out-Null

# Load the .NET Framework class System.Windows.Forms

| Out-Null

# popup is the 'youngest' msiexec processes 'child'
$Processes = Get-Process -Name 'msiexec' | Sort-Object {
$_.StartTime }
$lastItem = $Processes.Count - 1
$Process = $Processes[$lastItem]

# two popups to get rid of
For ($i=0;$i-lt 2;$i++)
# 'click' it away

[System.Threading.Thread]::currentThread.join(1000) |
#LogI ('Send key {ENTER}')
[System.Threading.Thread]::currentThread.join(9000) |

Start-Sleep -Seconds 5


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