we currently build Windows 7 images with the Zen agent installed before sys prepping the master computer and then taking the image. This has worked fine up till the 11.3 agent that is currently being issued by our zcm server. Windows computers now do not automatically join the local Active Directory domain after imaging. They need to be manually joined. This because the script we use sitting in the C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts folder does not fully work. It gets so far and then goes no further.

After looking online it is becoming clear installing the Zen agent prior to the sysprep is not the best way to do it. Reading on this forum indicates most people use a process to install the Zen agent as part of the sysprep process with the installer starting from a command in the unattend.xml file.

I've had a fairly long search of this forum, going down into 20 pages or so but can't find any instructions on how to kick off the Zen agent.

If anyone can give instructions on the syntax of the command to install in unattend.xml and also any other files it would be greatly appreciated.