Hi ,

I have a rather silly question :-) , im using a E-directory Tree with
OES2 servers ( linux ) and a OES Netware 6.5 box ( legacy
printserver,and file server)..
Edirectory is healthy and running and versions alre equal, now for
applicational reasons its usefull to install E-directory on Windows
2008.. this is mainly due to Zen 11 running on Windows 2008..

for the record i need to remove the linux servers because the physical
machines are running on acient hardware ( performance and space ) and
there is not enough budget to virtualise everything

the problem is the people's home drive , and the space it consumes , so
i have a windows 2008 server with enough space to facilitate their home
directories , ( here comes my question )

if i install E-directory on the Windows 2008 box , can their home
directory be mapped to that drive ? , using Imanager or Console one to
point their "HOME_DIR" to the windows box once E-Directory is installed?

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