Hi all: Following a re-image of a workstation I run several setup scripts to ready the computer for use. My first script installs the Novell client, iPrint and the ZCM agent. The script calls the zcm agent executable with the -q and -x parameters which SHOULD suppress a reboot upon completion AND suppress the manual reboot dialog from appearing, yet the reboot dialog still appears. As a work-around I put up a dialog showing the status of the installation but many users ignore this and click the reboot button which screws up the post-imaging work.

Suggestions?? Thanks, Chris.

Here is the portion of the script which installs the agent:

Write-Host "Installing ZCM Agent ..."
New-RegistryKey "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Novell\ZCM" "HonorWorkstationOnlyLogin" "DWORD" "1"
$AgentCommand = "C:\Setup\Install\ZCMAgent\PreAgentPkg_AgentComple te.exe"
$AgentParams = "-q -x"
$agentprocess = [Diagnostics.Process]::Start($AgentCommand,$AgentParams)
while (Get-Process 'ZENPreAgent' -ea SilentlyContinue) {
sleep -s 10
Write-Host "Still Processing ..."
Write-Host "ZCM Agent installed."
Write-Host ""

Start-Sleep -s 2

Write-Host "Rebooting ..."