Realize from forums that it is not possible to set default scaling to fx 100% at zone or folder or device level.
Looking in registry:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Novell\ZCM\Remote Management\Viewer\History\<to be controlled IP goes here>~50]

Here there are settings:

To control fx 100% scaling - and IF the history entry is already there when the remote session is started from ZCC, it WILL observe the settings.

However if you have no entry in history for this particilar IP, a set of default settings will be created, and here the scaling is set to AUTO - which renders remoting dual/tripple monitor devices "useless" until you manually scale to 100% (if you are not crashed out of the session - as per another nagging old issue)

Anyone with a neat way to trick ZCC to believe that 100% scaling is default ?

Or Anyone with experience with the new SP4, perhaps fixing at least the dual/tripple monitor crash issue ?