We have just upgraded our 11.3.2 Server to 11.4 and everything seems to have worked fine. Upgraded 6 workstations to the new agent through the ZCM and we are unable to remote to any of them. Checking at the workstation shows the Novell ZENworks Remote Management agent fails to start with and Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. Manual / automatic nothing will allow the agent to start. Removing the Zen agent, rebooting when complete and then reinstalling from the {ZCM ip}/zenworks-setup page and then rebooting again allows the service to start and we then have remote management ability. I checked on the server and it's service is running and we can remote manage it without problems.

Our server is a Windows 2008r2 VM and has been since we installed ZCM at version 11.0 and upgraded to the current. All of the workstations I have tried are Win 7 Pro 64 bit with the latest MS patches/Java/adobe/etc.

Our K-12 school district is about 1560 Win 7 Pro 64-bit along with some Mac's and older windows computers. The ones I have tried are all located in my same location (in case of issues, much easier to fix). Before start rolling this out, I need to know there is a fix or patch to address the problem. Has anyone else seen this issue??