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Thread: High CPU utilization and connectivity lost to Post Office

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    High CPU utilization and connectivity lost to Post Office

    We are experiencing a big problem on our big Post Offices (1200 users peak), since the GroupWise 2014 upgrade.

    During normal work days, the CPU utilization peaks at 30%. The problem comes in with the big Saturday 02:00 check.
    The check pulls a steady 25%, most of which is disk I/O, until Tuesday morning, when it seems it starts checking the msgxx.db's.

    The total utilization then hovers about 95%( disk 60%), but the PO still feels normal. 2-3 times during the day however,
    all client connectivity is lost for about 10-15 min, during which total CPU falls to 80%, but disk jumps to 75%.
    Both Tuesdays this problematic part started around the same time. Also , all the logs just show a gap for that time. No errors.

    Do you have any recommendations?

    The server has 4 CPU's and 48GByte memory assigned.
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