we saw that on clients with adobe acrobat pro X (and XI) the
installation for securelogin (scripted/silent) throws a popup
('acrotray.exe'). if acrotray is running or not does not matter.
assumedly this slipped through from a debug build (to test if adobe
acrobat pro is correctly identified as installed) into the final build
of the product.

just wanted to let know how this can get dealt with in a script in case
anyone is building such a scripted install atm...

.... not working code, but shows the way to go ...

$Job = Start-Job -Name 'MSIExecAssassin' -ScriptBlock `

#filtering processes
[String] $PName = 'msiexec.exe'
[String] $Filter = "name='{0}'" -f $PName

$i = 0
For ($i;$i-lt 300;$i++)
Start-Sleep -Seconds 4

$MsiexecProcs = Get-CimInstance Win32_Process -Filter $Filter | Select -Property ProcessId,CommandLine

If ($MsiexecProcs.Count -eq 0)
ForEach ($Msiexec In $MsiexecProcs)
If ($Msiexec.CommandLine -like 'C:\Windows\system32\MsiExec.exe*Global\MSI0000')
# assumed: erroraction: stop
Stop-Process -Id $MSIexec.ProcessId -Force
Catch {}

if this helps anyone out there .. florian

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