Hi all,

NSL 8.0.4 over OES 11 SP1 and Windows XP and 7.

NSL is deployed just for six users in production environment. Only one
user is getting “BROKER_SYS_VARIABLE_NOT_AVAILABLE (-426)” error in
“?syspassword” parameter. This error is displayed in different desktops
for this user and other users with same applications work well in these
machines. Firewall is disabled and “Slinac.dll” are fine in all

Tried to cleanup NSL cache, NSL configuration on this object, prot*
attributes and reinstall NSL, change user password (password is
distributed fine through IDM), without success. User has no different
password policy or restrictions but is in a different container (with no
special configurations).

Same problematic user can use NSL with custom logins (ie: Lotus Notes).
Just using network password this problem is displayed. “?sysuser” works

Any ideas?

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