SecureLogin Does not Start and an Error is Displayed When the Registry
Key ForceHKLMAndNoDPAPI is Enabled

Issue: SecureLogin does not read the registry key, ForceHKLMAndNoDPAPI.
Hence, when you reboot the computer after setting the registry key
ForceHKLMandNoDPAPI to 1 at
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Protocom\SecureLogin, NetIQ securelogin does
not start. Also, the SecureLogin was the crypto service provider with
the security settings do not determine error is displayed. (Bug 926620)

Fix: With this release, this issue is resolved and NetIQ SecureLogin
works as expected and the error is not displayed.

ok, i just upgraded 80 or so domains to 8.0.3, now i have been reported
this error is displayed for a handful of users. is there an ad-hoc way
to fix that (by hand)? setting the hey to 0 and then to 1 again, ...?
anyone knows?

thanks in advance, florian

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