since upgrading to securelogin 8.0.3 on all of our citrix-servers
sldotnetsso64 processes use a lot of CPU, not with every user, not on a
subset users (but still gathering data), more or less randomly. our
citrix-servers are generously sized, but i already had one costumer,
where his were under such pressure from sldotnetsso64, that all their
servers had their performance severely degraded.

i collected sample data on one citrix-server, logging for a few mins,
all 30secs a wmi-query is made for all sldotnetsso64 processes and their
cpu-usage is logged to file.

as you can see from the .jpg from 21 processes in total 8 are in the
list, grabbing in 11 of these 21 measurement points a whole CPU.

are there issues known, any of you can see something like that on your
terminal servers?


|Filename: cpu_spikes.jpg |
|Download: |

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