Vol1 ...
Have different from last time zone and subnet. Server and devices in same subnet. WOL tried to accomplish once again via bundle groups associated to device group. And ... as last time, error appear in server message log – device(s) did not respond. This time have in test group 5 devices, 1 of these is out of reach of server, I know. Strange is, also, that 4 of 5 devices were already switched on from last night. Anyway. As I did last time (link above) I changed just distribution time (instead of 7 AM I set it 10:30 AM, for testing) and WOL did work out well (meaning I switched one of devices off for checking – was waked up ok and no error on other three already switched on devices). Mh. Odd. Well, can't understand why WOL did (does) not work at 7 AM. Maybe it will tomorrow! =)
More thanks, Alar.