ZCM 11.3.2. Is it possible to set for scheduled bundle to not log errors when it is not possible to launch at time? (Probably not.) I have to set some poweroff and restart bundles for power management at special time. Good is to use Reboot/Shutdown action, but when device is not reached at the time (it is already switched off, for instance) I will see error in logs for bundle.
In paste (probably should this time also, anyway) I set these tasks for device task schedule to handle. Then it's not depend and ... when device is off ... no error or whatsoever. But, it's a bit complicated, because I must consider when user is logged in and user must be able to cancel process and when it is not logged in. In Windows XP it was easy to set task in system context reachable for user, but Windows 7 does not allow this. But ZENworks action probably does work either user is logged in (with warning) or not. But when errors coming for device is not able to start bundle at special time ... also not good. Any suggestions?
More thanks, Alar.