ZCM 11.3.2 FTF RU 1

Windows 7 X64 pro Clients using Location Awareness lite - mode.
Our ZCM server's are not publicly accessible.

Multiple NIC's
Multiple Wireless connections
Mobile Cellular Connections.

Have numerous different rules setup, They work well for assigning the locations, however recently we decided to add a dozen laptops with cellular mobile cards. These cards are typically "Always" on. They are low in the priority list and are set to only be used if the other connections can not.

Our ZCM Location rules are set to only require 1 Match. Numerous different network services are set, mainly different IP ranges or gateways.

Here is the issue I am having.

These work fine when offsite, however when you bring them into the building, the Organization wireless connects automatically, They are connected the internal WAP, however, due to the Cellular card being connected as well, They now have 2 IP address's and they do not select the correct ZCM location and they get put in the "Offline" location. Thus having no servers to authenticate against. This breaks DLU for anyone that has had a password change or has not logged in. I have even tried not using the Cellular card, and just using wireless and a physical connection at the same time with a different IP same issue. I have created new ZCM location profiles, and have not been able to figure out how to get the locations to work....

Any thought? Do you need more info?

Patrick Wolfe