We have ~1800 bundles in ~15 folders, various of which are force-run, in ZCM11.2.4. We have been working exclusively with Win7 up until now.

Now we're doing testing with a limited number of Win8 systems, and I'd particularly like to exclude the Win8 systems from receiving any force-run bundles, or preferably exclude the Win8 systems from getting certain of the folders. This is many times more preferable to going in & modifying all the unwanted bundles so they will only execute on Win7.

Is there any way to exclude an entire folder from deploying (or showing at all) based on some requirement, group, or other method?

Conversely is there any way to exclude certain folders from the device side?

I can't see a practical way to even block things en masse; to the best of my understanding, "block" is bundle-by-bundle, one device at a time, only.