I have always been a little confused as to when to use which tab
(distribute, install, launch) as install and launch pretty much have the
same options. So I watched a free Novell 1 hour bundle presentation which
mentioned using the Distribute action. I have never used the distribute tab
but after I watched the presentation I think I should be for say copying a
file(s) to a device for a launch or install. For instance I currently need
to update the AV on 10k workstations. I need to copy the setup.exe file to
the devices. then randomly during the day install / launch it in silent
mode. So my thought was distribute the file. then (and here is some of my
confusion because I could do either) install action (launch executable) the
file with a random schedule and a requirement that the file exists, and I
could do the exact same thing under launch action (which to use). But for
some reason under action distribute the distribute files is greyed out. Is
this expected?