hello there,

i am writing powershell functions to read and modfiy edirectory
scriptwise using System.DirectoryServices.Protocols. now i am having
trouble writing to a bool attribute. somehow it does not like the syntax
(i assume, for i can delete, but not replace or add) of 'true'. tested
0/1 and LCASE and [bool] and whatnot, no chance to get that attribute

Error is: Syntax invalid (from protocols) and 'NDS error: no additional
information available (-306)] trying to modify cn=xxx,ou=xxx,o=xxx'
(from NDS).

here i do set:
# settings for ldapmodify (on add)
[String] $Name = 'arzO365LicHeld'
[String[]] $AttrVal = 'true'
[String] $Operation = 'replace'

anyone knows by chance how to do that?

thanks in advance, florian

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