We have NFR 2.6 installed with eDirectory as the primary identity system, and joined to Active Directory. In the past we have not done scans on the Windows servers but there are now a couple we are interested in reporting on. The Discovery process can identify one of the servers, but the other fails with “The specified network could not be resolved”. The log shows the following –

2015-10-01 12:12:55 -14400 3 8008 4464 1228 SR [mwvmp.meadwestvaco.com]: FAILED to get Shares for server xxx-xxxx-xxxxx. Result: 298.

The nfrproxyrights group is a member of domain administrators and is a member of the local administrators group for each of the servers. I also tried to add user nfrproxy directly to the local administrator group for the server that is failing, but this did not help.

Both servers are Windows 2008 R2. Can you suggest anything else that we should check?