ZCM (11 SP3) have relatively ok built in tools for instant managing of devices remote control, file transfer, diagnostics. And ... it's good to have all these over a ZCC (and web) to access. But (keeping in mind targeting Windows devices) ... sometimes (very often to be honest) I need to have a quick look for Windows services, tasks, entire file system etc. and to accomplish it unattended way. So, usually I'd activated and used MS admin share for instant access to services, tasks from command prompt, Windows registry etc. (without taking over a remote (desktop) console and wo bothering user at all), also file system as necessary using Total Commander, more convenient comparing to File Transfer. That's good. But ... it requires opening a MS share which could be not the best way having in mind security. Is that correct? If so, maybe I have overlooked some options within ZCM to accomplish all this I described and used via MS share? Or ... some other (more secure comparing to activating MS admin share) suggested options to have?
More thanks, Alar.