Our GroupWise system runs the default POA Analyze/Fix weekly. This gwcheck routine takes roughly 16 hours to complete. About 9 hours into this gwcheck maintenance, the system performance is degraded to a point where our groupwise clients become unresponsive.

We ran this same default POA Anayze/Fix maintenance routine when the GroupWise system was running Version 2012, without any client degradation.

If we look back in our analytics, we are able to determine that this high cpu / disk io was introduced at the point that we upgraded the system from 2012 to 2014.

None of the physical server properties changed when we upgraded to 2014.

Our GroupWise Server is an OES11 SP2 VM running on an IBM Blade Server. The GW VM has 8Gig of RAM and 2 Procs. The Post Office and Domain are both serviced on this server using NSS SAN attached Volumes.

The Analyze / Fix has the following Actions checked: Structure/Index, Content, Fix Problems. The database items checked are: User/Resources, Messages, Document.

Is the 2014 maintenance process doing something different than it was with 2012 which would cause this high cpu and disk io? Are there parameters that could be modified in order to get utilization under control during this maintenance check? Should I be looking at adding more cpu power or memory?