I had a few issues which required an SR with Novell to get resolve don my ZCM 11.3.2 update to 11.4. Now that the server is update I have started to deploy the ZAA update to my clients. I have been able to get 28 clients updated and now the remaining clients are failing with the following error:

An error occurred while downloading the update content to this device.
Make sure that this device has sufficient free disk space,
and valid content servers configured with the update content replicated on them.

I have also noticed that the client that can be downloaded to install a fresh ZAA is stuck at 11.3.2. I have seen that issue before but now can't find my notes on how to resolve the function.

Can someone provide an idea on how to resolve the ZAA issue? Or do I need to go back to the SR and have it reopened due to the update not completing?

SLES11SP3 - 2 Primary (11.4)