Ultimate objective is to have ZCM automatically create the new local
profile for a user the first time they log onto a Windows 7+ box, but
without having this profile go away. Primarily for deploying new or
reimaged systems.

- ZCM 11.3, 1 appliance and 1 on SLES 11.2 (updating and merging the
two is in the queue)
- Predominately Windows 7 desktops without any MAD (Microsoft Active
- There are no roaming profiles as most users just stay with one PC for
multi-year stretches before moving to a newer system.

I can't find any indication of how to cause the local profile to be
setup when a user first logs on to a system, that doesn't involve
'volatile user'. Am I not seeing it because this doesn't exist or am I
just missing it because I end up is a zoned out ZEN state after reading
the docs?

Is 'volatile user' the only way to cause a new Windows profile to be
generated? If not then how?

What resets the volatile user cache timer? If I set the 'Cache
Volatile User for time period (Days)' to 90 days and the user logs in
most days (we'll let them have weekends and the occasional week off),
will the profile go away and be recreated after 90 days, or will it
keep going for as long as the user keeps logging on at least once per
90 days? Or what if the user is one of those who just never logout?

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