I am having mixed results with my ZMM deployment. I can get some of my iPads to finish a DEP deployment and start installing the set apps assigned to the group. Yet some of the other identical iPads will stall on eith the Configuration portion of DEP or when installing the Apps. I have set the assignment to force the apps to the ipad and each iPad has its own iTunes account to manage the deployment. Yet I might only get 4 or 6 of the assigned apps and the rest don't show.

I have had mixed results with removing the assigned App from the group and reassigning it and that sometimes pushes the remaining apps down.

I have tried to remove both the APNS and DEP certs and resinstalling them. This fixed the issue of none of the iPads getting deployed to now some of them get deployed. Not sure what else to try.

Windows 2008 R2 / SQL 2008 server

iPad's running iOS 9.1