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Thread: GW 2014 R2 - gwdva segfaults / POA hangs/crashes

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    GW 2014 R2 - gwdva segfaults / POA hangs/crashes

    I upgraded to GW 2014 R2 on 08-12-2015 and since then we are having a lot of issues concerning the POA crashing and GWDVA segfaults.

    Dec 9 15:10:12 grpwise1 kernel: [6611998.920528] gwdva[21369] general protection ip:7f46e8334713 sp:7f46e20c10d0 error:0 in libsvrtk.so.1[7f46e8306000+39000]
    Dec 10 09:16:09 grpwise1 kernel: [6676979.446209] gwdva[10260]: segfault at 9000007f80 ip 00007f604efd2713 sp 00007f6048de00d0 error 4 in libsvrtk.so.1[7f604efa4000+39000]
    Dec 10 09:25:52 grpwise1 kernel: [6677560.446879] gwdva[10734] general protection ip:7fd485fcb713 sp:7fd47fc560d0 error:0 in libsvrtk.so.1[7fd485f9d000+39000]
    Dec 10 09:26:03 grpwise1 kernel: [6677571.867202] gwdva[10775]: segfault at 24 ip 0000000000424d8e sp 00007f4506b62b00 error 4 in gwdva[400000+4d000]
    Dec 10 10:49:55 grpwise1 kernel: [6682590.461549] gwdva[12634] general protection ip:7fe5e6fa8713 sp:7fe5e0db60d0 error:0 in libsvrtk.so.1[7fe5e6f7a000+39000]
    Dec 10 10:52:13 grpwise1 kernel: [6682727.502642] gwdva[12690]: segfault at 100000020 ip 00007f731ca7e713 sp 00007f731680b0d0 error 4 in libsvrtk.so.1[7f731ca50000+39000]

    Novell support adviced us to rebuild the POA DB and switch to gwdva (instead of DCA), but nothing seems to work.

    Also I see a lot of messages like below in the POA log:
    11:29:43 434B Error streaming an attachment [8911]
    11:29:43 435B Error streaming an attachment [8911]
    11:29:43 4353 Error streaming an attachment [8911]
    10:51:57 EA92 Possibly damaged blob in database = user6ft.db
    10:51:57 EA7A Possibly damaged blob in database = user6ft.
    11:40:22 43FC Conversion Failed: Error [8912] (/grpwise/poa/oftemp/gwdca/in/5669646c.tmp) exceeded maximum conversion time limit

    I am also seeing files here:

    and a lot of htm files in the /grpwise/poa/oftemp/gwdca/out directory since we upgraded.

    I ran gwcheck this night with everything enabled and it seems to clear up the messages until the POA crashes again and they seem to start appearing again. Also I disabled Quickfinder indexing but it doesn't seem to help either.

    Is anyone else seeing anything like this? / Any suggestions for workarounds?

    Kind regards, Don
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