we have a big Problem.

We upgraded our Network from Zenworks 11 to Zenworks 11.4. We didīt by build a new Server with Zenworks 11.4, and after all tests, we move one PC after the other to the new zone, by uninstall the old agent and afte a reboot install the new agent.

All configuration, is the same like in the old Zenworks-server, but when we do a remote session, we cant see the user access control window. We cann do any thing we want, but if the UAC-window popsup we canīt see it. on 1 PC, we can tap in the password, but we canīt see wher we do it, means the user must point at the correct spot where we wanīt to inseret the password. On an other PC, we canīt tap in the password, because the controled PC ignore it. There is no hardware-firewall between the RM-clients

I was 2 dayīs on google and in the pdfīs, but I canīt find anything about it, or how to fix this problem. Can anybody say me what my probleme is and how can I fix this.

If you need more informations, please ask.

PS: Sorry for my english, Iīm from Germany