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Thread: Newer agent without server upgrade or ??

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    Newer agent without server upgrade or ??

    I am being pushed to find a way to deploy some Win10 workstations far too soon. We are currently on 11.2.4. I gather that support for Win10 is not until 11.4.1, but I am not ready to upgrade the servers quite yet.

    Is there any way that I can run the newer agent with the current servers, on the Win10 systems? I thought I read something about creating a separate zone, but am not sure I understand what it would mean to do that. e.g. Do I need to create a separate zone for an 11.4.1 server and for the Win10 systems with the 11.4.1 agent? If I do that, does it share the database with the 11.2.4 servers?

    Is there any kind of easy resolution to have a primarily Win7/11.2.4 environment for now, but still have the Zenworks agent on some Win10 systems? We would be primarily using Zenworks to do initial software installs, but we want the agent running, hopefully to at least push critical updates, inventory, and perhaps remote mgmt.
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