Since I had to move my virtual server, on which GroupWise is installed, to a new storage, I have troubles after the server restarts.
Windows shows all 5 services (GWIA, MTA, POA, Administration and Monitor) as started, but according to GroupWise monitor and GW administration module, GWIA is closed. If I then manually restarts the service, GWIA opens, but I can't relay messages to the external mailserver - and the external mailserver can't relay to GroupWise.
The MTA web monitor shows the Post Office as closed. But I am able to log in.

If I restart POA, MTA, GWIA and the external mailerver a few times, GroupWise suddenly works fine again.

The "expert" who moved the storage, told he had to force GroupWise to close, so I guess something went wrong.

When I move to GW 2014 R2 I plan to establish a brand new server, and hopefully these malfunctions go away.

But until then, the workaround might be to start the services manually, as service restart seems to fix the problem.
But as I don't like to experience too much on a running system, I would like to know the best start sequence for the 5 services + the external relay.

Any suggestions?

Jens Jakob, Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg
GroupWise 2014.0.2 on Windows 2008 R2