We quite recently upgraded Groupwise 2008 to 2012 (on the way to 2014, but need to get this version working first).

When accessing webmail I have the Mailbox, Calendar, Contacts, Documents buttons at the top after the Novell Groupwise logo, but the Navigation buttons below for the Mail, Appointments, Task etc are missing from 3 out of 4 of those pages - the Mailbox, Calendar and Contacts pages have no Navigation buttons, but strangely they do appear on the Documents page.

So from the Documents page I click 'Mail' which opens a new email. I write it, but now the 'Send' button doesn't do anything, only 'Cancel' actually works.

I've tried this under Windows 7 using IE8, IE11 and Chrome, and under Windows 10 using IE11 and Edge. On a new Windows 7 VM fully updated I've tried installing Java Runtime 7u79 while the other systems use 8u66. I mention Java as on the physical Windows 7 box with IE8 I get a page error when clicking send which suggests possibly a javascript error.